Most events are shot using off-the-shelf high end camcorders, because they provide a very good image and the lack of lens features is hardly a problem, since the cameras are mostly stationary and provide a nice clear sharp image in the entire picture. These cameras are conected through HDMI to get the best images possible into the control room.

Our control room is a set of hard- and software that can mix and encode the images that the cameras provide. We use special software to create effects, such as picure in picture, chroma key and titles. The control room usually resides in one of our vehicles, but can easily be placed anywhere there is power and opportunity to get the camera wiring into the encoder.

Connection to the internet, which is only necessary if a live webcast is required, can be made using your own internet connection or our mobile connection. Local distribution of the video or capturing for DVD does not require a connection.'s sister company about:Quality internet services hosts the servers used for worldwide distribution. These servers are located at several locations in Europe , all very close to European and transatlantic internet hubs.

The player we use is built in-house. We can put your logo in it, have a chatbox, insert realtime data (eg. race results or announcements) and play commercials. If your specific requirements demand for extra functionality we have the possibility to create it.