Register audio and video data

Using stationary and/or hand-held camera's and microphones, we can register any event.

Mixing audio and video data

For live mixing (if necessary combined with live encoding) we make use of a mobile control room. This control room usually resides in our own 'camera van', but can be moved to any location.
In this control room we make use of state-of-art computerhardware and -software to create a professional endresult.

If the data isn't broadcast live, it's usually better to mix the data afterwards. We can synchronize multiple feeds of audio and video, select interesting scenes and add transition effects.
This is Usually the right choice when producing for redistribution.

A combination of both options is possible as well. The data is mixed live for direct use and recorded for post-production. This way you can get the best of both worlds.

Streaming media to media server

By making use of our own mobile internet connection or your broadband connection we can upstream to our own or most other servers. We are able to encode several standards.
It's also possible to get a feed for local viewing (e.g. on a large screen projector)

Publishing content to end users

The most important part is making the media available for the audience. Wether you want a public or private mediastream, either combined with a website or not, or a fully produced DVD.